The Washington National Monument
The National Mall, Washington, DC

Sunday, August 28, 2016 (Rain or Shine)
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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The Rally

Be a part of an Historic Event ~ Stand against Intolerance ~ Make a Difference

In the midst of the greatest refugee crisis since WWII, advocates nationwide will gather at DCRally4Refugees, August 28, 2016 at the outdoor Sylvan Theater at the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington, DC, 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM (rain or shine).

The rally will raise awareness about the global refugee crisis, and urge U.S. action -- at home and overseas -- to alleviate suffering through relief efforts and refugee resettlement. Everyone is encouraged to attend the historic rally, buy a T-shirt to help support the costs of the rally, and to spread the word using #DCRally4Refugees and #StandForHumanity, to stand in solidarity with refugees and displaced people worldwide. DCRally4Refugees is 100 percent dependent on individual contributions.

Steps from the U.S. Capitol, DCRally4Refugees will call on the U.S. to safely resettle more refugees and provide increased support to relief efforts overseas. The Rally will offer resources for those who wish to help and raise a collective voice against intolerance. There are 65 million refugees and displaced persons worldwide—the largest displacement crisis on record. As fellow human beings, Americans have a responsibility to bear witness, amplify refugee voices, and support refugees as they dare to hope against all odds. People can learn the facts, get involved, support, and join DCRally4Refugees.


DCRally4Refugees was founded by a grassroots group of advocates inspired to help after volunteering directly with refugees fleeing war and violence in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other regions.

These Americans traveled to Greece and volunteered directly with refugees fleeing war and violence in Syria and other countries. After bearing witness to the suffering of millions and hearing the voices of fear and intolerance at home, they felt compelled to do everything possible to raise awareness, stand up against the voices of intolerance, and show the world that America cares about the greatest refugee crises since World War II.

DCRally4Refugees stands for the right of all people to live in safety, dignity, and peace.

As borders have closed to those fleeing war and violence and as the voices of fear and intolerance have grown louder, we will not let politics or fear stand in the way of our compassion. We urge the United States Government to uphold its founding principles and its traditional leadership role in refugee protection by further assisting the countries that are carrying the heaviest burden of the ongoing crisis. We believe that every act of rejection is an affront to humanity and every act of compassion a reminder of what is best in each and every one of us.

The Crises

There are 65 million refugees and displaced persons world-wide.

Nearly 5 million human beings have fled Syria alone since the start of its civil war in 2011 and are now living in limbo in neighboring countries. In addition, millions of Iraqis and Afghans have fled their homes under the threat of violence. Millions of refugees from Somalia, South Sudan, and elsewhere also need protection and assistance.

There are currently over 6.5 million displaced persons within Syria and 13.5 million desperately in need of humanitarian assistance. While cities are bombed and starvation is reported, much aid is too often unable to reach those in need.

More than a million refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean into Europe in 2015, and another 250,000 have arrived so far this year. Of those, over 30% are from Syrian and most others are from refugee-producing countries. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of Syrians are amassed at the borders of neighboring countries, seeking admission, while tens of thousands of refugees are stranded in Greece.

Close to 10,000 human beings have drowned in their desperate search for safety during the crossing from Turkey to Greece and Libya to Italy; almost 3,000 have lost their lives at sea so far this year. Human trafficking, sexual assault, kidnapping, and other atrocities are reported as rampant.

Join Us

In what is the largest refugee crisis since World War II, we cannot be complacent in our silence. As fellow human beings, we have a responsibility to bear witness, amplify refugee voices, and embrace our tremendous responsibility to stand with them as they dare to hope against all odds.

Join us at this historic event as we join together steps from the White House and U.S. Capitol and stand against intolerance, raise awareness, educate, offer tools and resources for those who wish to help, and raise funds.

Be one of the voices telling our government that we stand with refugees, reject intolerance, and want more direct action taken to help alleviate the suffering.

You can get involved today, check out and share our Facebook page DCRally4Refugees, follow us on twitter @Rally4Refugees and join our mailing list for updates about the rally. To volunteer with us, please fill out the volunteer form and someone will get back to you.

Wear orange to the rally!! Be a part of the #SeaOfOrange. The orange life-jacket has become a recognizable symbol of the current refugee crises and an expression of our solidarity. Please consider purchasing an orange DCRally4Refugees T-shirt in our store to wear to the rally, 100% of all T-shirt proceeds go to directly support the rally and refugee support organizations.



Location: The Washington National Monument, 2 15th Street, NW, Washington DC (Intersection of 15th St. and Madison Drive). See map

Metro: The nearest stops to the rally are Federal Triangle (12th Street between Pennsylvania and Constitution Ave NW) and Smithsonian (12th Street on the Mall SW). Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

DC Buses: The National Mall Circulator circles around the Mall and connect to other circulator buses in the city.

Trains: Amtrak, MARC, and VRE service Union Station and L'Enfant Plaza metro station.


Parking: Public transportation is the best option for getting to the Mall. Parking is extremely limited and it is highly recommended that you park off-site and take public transportation to the rally. (Metro, bus or Capitol bikeshare)

Handicapped Parking: There are limited handicapped public parking spaces surrounding the site including the Paddle Boat Parking Lot along Maine Avenue and at the WWII Memorial. It is recommended that you plan to drop off your passengers and park off-site.

Bus Parking: Bus Parking is available primarily along Ohio Drive SW near the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials or on Ohio Drive SW in East Potomac Park.

Live Feed

Can't make it to the rally? No worries, there will be a live feed - check our Facebook page for details.


Weather: It is likely to be extremely warm at the event and there is very little shade or cover. Please remember to bring sun block, a hat, and stay hydrated!

Help us with our outreach efforts! Feel free to print out our official flyer and post it in your own community.

Please note: Alcohol is not permitted on the Mall.


Check back for updates

Dominic Fragman - Solo Trio. A truly unique and exciting artist. Dominic Fragman plays guitar, drum set and sings simultaneously; an innovative approach to the one man band concept.

Georgia Lale / #OrangeVest - Performance Artist. Georgia Lale's performance art questions modern society's responses to global humanitarian and economic issues. If you would like to participate at the #OrangeVest performance please sign up here.

Pihcintu - Uniquely beautiful chorus of 32 female refugee voices from around the world.

Special message from Gregory Porter and viewing of Compositions for a Cause video "Running" aka Refugee Song featuring Gregory Porter and Common.

Lubana al Quntar - Syrian Opera Singer, Refugee Orchestra Project.

Sistah Joy - Award-winning poet, author and literary activist known for messages of social consciousness.

UTN1 - Top-selling Iraqi Pop/Rock band formed in 1999. Singing in both English and Arabic, their sound mixes occidental music with oriental influences and carries a message of hope for peace and love in the Arab World.

Pivot Zotamou - Refugee from Guinea, Rapper, Public Speaker, Soccer Without Borders graduate.

Sign the Postcard

Urge the U.S. to Lead by Example on Refugee Protection & Resettlement

In the lead up to the refugee summits organized by the United Nations General Assembly and President Obama, DCRally4refugees in partnership with 42 organizations has developed a postcard/petition urging the U.S. to lead by example and welcome and support refugees. All postcards will be hand delivered to Congress and the White House in September.

Please make your voice heard
Sign here, and share this link


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Tom Andrews -President and CEO, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Ahmed Badr - Former refugee, published writer, poet, photographer, & 2016 Global Teen Leader. Founder of Narratio and Mesopotami.

Sarah Browning - Emcee - Co-Founder & Executive Director of Poetry Collective and Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies

Ehklas - Refugee from Darfur. Teacher, speaker, activist, advocate.

Julide Glanz - Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI), Coordinator and Project Manager for Greece, Volunteer.

Keyon Harrold - Grammy Award-winning trumpeter, songwriter, and platinum music producer. Founder of Compositions for a Cause. Co-writer of "Running" aka Refugee Song.

Sarah Hall - CARECEN, Latino Resource and Justice Center, Director of Operations

Hans Hogrefe - Refugees International, Director of Policy and Advocacy.

Dr. John Kahler - Pediatrician from Chicago. Spent the last year working with Syrian refugees in Jordan, Greece and Lebanon. Dr. Kahler recently returned from Aleppo, Syria.

Kayra Martinez - Founder, Love Without Borders, Art Without Borders. Volunteer.

Cindy Maxted - Mindfulness Trainer. Teaches tools and strategies to cope with stress, suffering, poverty, and social unrest.

Ali Al-Mshakheel - Emmy Award nominated Iraqi journalist reporting for ABC News, The Times of London, NPR, The New Yorker magazine, and Voices of Iraq news agency.

Nyawal - Raised in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, now an honor student at the University of Southern Maine majoring in International Studies.

Andrea Pizziconi - Singer, songwriter and social entrepreneur. Founder of education infrastructure social impact investment firm Africa Integras and Compositions for a Cause. Co-writer of "Running" aka Refugee Song.

Onio Reina and Manuel Elviro - Founder & Member, Professional Emergency Aid PROEM-Aid - An all volunteer Spanish search & rescue group operating in Lesvos, Greece.

Dr. Timothy Ring - Forensic psychologist / Volunteer. Specializes in the treatment of trauma. Dr. Ring recently worked with refugees in Lesvos, Greece.

Rocio - Immigrant from El Salvador. Sophomore at Casco Bay High School, Portland, ME.

Joseph Sackor - Former refugee from Liberia, West Africa. Chairman of the US based Liberia Medical Mission team, UN Refugee Congress Delegate for Pennsylvania, community organizer.

Suzanne Akhras Sahloul - Founder, Executive Director, Syrian Community Network.

Samir Sumadaie - Former Iraqi Minister of the Interior and Ambassador to the U.N. and U.S.

Zareen Taj - Women’s rights/human rights activist. Originally from Afghanistan, a naturalized U.S. Citizen who came to the U.S in 2000 as a refugee.

The Stories

Everyone has a story. Read, watch, and follow the links for personal accounts from real people who have been touched by this humanitarian crisis.

The Story of Elias

Other Story
Directed by Madeleine Kate McGowan

Elias is 24 years old and from Syria. In this poignant story Elias speaks of his hopes, his dreams, and what he left behind.

The Story of Ali

Other Story
Directed by Madeleine Kate McGowan

Ali is 27 years old and from Syria. In this story, shot shortly after he arrived on Lesvos, Ali talks about leaving Syria with a rock from his father's olive grove and a key that he hopes one day will open his home there.

Ali from Iraq

Other Story
Directed by Madeleine Kate McGowan

Ali was 9 years old when the Iraqi war started. Today he is 23 and has only known war and terrorism for the last 14 years. He dreams about someday being able to rebuild his country.

Sara's Story Part 1

Channel 4
Directed by Marcel Mettelsiefen

What Do Syrian Children Dream About - Excerpts from Filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen's documentary on children on the Front Line of War.

Escape from Aleppo

Channel 4
Directed by Marcel Mettelsiefen

This Aleppo family sacrificed everything to fight against the Syrian regime. Since the head of the family was kidnapped by the Islamic State, they face an impossible decision and an uncertain future.

Boots on the Ground

Huck Magazine
Directed by Hendrik Faller

Meet the volunteers working against the odds, trying to help the tide of refugees at Europe's frontier, ordinary people who are trying to step in to fill gaps where the international community has failed. Lesvos early 2016.

Light On the Sea

Vanity Fair
Directed by Micah Garen and Marie-Helene Carleton

One Woman's Story from the Front Lines of the Refugee Crisis. Meet Neda, a Syrian American, helping refugees in Lesvos and watch her compelling story.


Every little bit counts


There are many petitions currently being circulated which are simple to sign and automatically passed along to Federal and State legislators and others. Please take a few moments to look through these links and participate.

If you're aware of other relevant petitions, please let us know.


Wear orange to the rally. Be a part of the #SeaOfOrange!

The color orange and the orange life-jacket have become recognizable symbols of the refugee crises and are expressions of our solidarity. Please consider purchasing an orange DCRally4Refugees T-shirt to wear at the rally and be a part of the #SeaOfOrange. All proceeds go to directly support the rally and refugees.

Sign the Postcard

Urge the U.S. to Lead by Example on Refugee Protection & Resettlement

In the lead up to the refugee summits organized by the United Nations General Assembly and President Obama, DCRally4refugees in partnership with 42 organizations has developed a postcard/petition urging the U.S. to lead by example and welcome and support refugees. All postcards will be hand delivered to Congress and the White House in September.

Please make your voice heard. Sign here, and share this link.


Like the refugees who have come before them and will inevitably come after, their incredible quest reminds us of the universal truth—we all want to live in safety, in dignity, and in peace. With your donations, you can help make this a reality. Be a part of the grassroots effort bringing DCRally4Refugees to Washington and help directly support the rally and refugees with your donation!

Either click above to donate, or checks can be made out to Tides Foundation - DCR4R Fund (IMPORTANT: note "Fund 2094" on the bottom) and mailed to:

The Tides Foundation - Fund 2094
P.O. Box 29907
San Francisco, CA 94129

All donations over $250 will receive an official receipt. No amount is too small to give. Thank you.

Hands-On Ways to Help

We do not endorse or recommend any particular organization on this list, it is provided for informational purposes only. Please do your own research in deciding which groups to support.

  • Arlington, VA: Donate gently used blankets and winter coats to families who left their homes with only what they could carry on their back.
  • Atlanta, GA: Donate a number of goods including clothes, furniture, shoes, toiletries etc. to the International Rescue Committee's office.
  • Baltimore, MD: provides after-school homework help, mentoring, and opportunities to newly-arrived youth in Baltimore City and County.
  • Baltimore, Boston, Greeley, and Oakland: Volunteer with Soccer without Borders as they use soccer to provide refugees with social capital and access to potential opportunities for education, employment and personal growth.
  • Chicago, IL: Assist refugees in finding housing, learning the English language, acclimating to American culture, developing job skills and other endeavors necessary to build a life in a new place with RefugeeOne.
  • Clarkston, GA: Donate wish list items, or sponsor a student of this mommy and me family literacy program.
  • Maine: Volunteer as a tutor or mentor to assist refugees in the resettlement process.
  • Nashville, TN: Volunteer providing direct, tailored assistance to refugees integrating into a new community.
  • Nebraska, Philadelphia, PA, Wisconsin/Upper Michigan: Provide support services to youth and young adults without parents or guardians as well as other refugees without family support systems.
  • Phoenix, AZ: Donate, or volunteer to organize and distribute, clothes, furniture, and household goods to welcome refugees with the Welcome to America Project.
  • St. Louis, MO: Volunteer in a number of capacities with the International Institute of St. Louis providing comprehensive adjustment services.
  • Allied Aid's Undie Fund Campaign: Donate new underwear and new or gently-used bras
  • Carry the Future: Donate your gently used baby carriers
  • Samara's Aid Appeal: Donate a car package to an expectant or new mother, a baby or a family in need.

Let us know if you would like us to add any organizations to this list.

With Gratitude

Take a moment to learn about our awesome and generous contributors

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The Team

Meet the DCRally4Refugees Team!
If you would like to join us, submit the volunteer form below.

Issa Alkheder
Mike Azar
Lisa Campbell
Giulia Duch Clerici
Marlee Corter
Joanne Feinberg
Laurie Findley
VeTalle Fusilier
Daphne Galatas

Julide Glanz
Helen Hare
Robb Herndon
Richard Hertz
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Mark Lukas
Cindy Maxted

Neda McGuire
Erin McNamara
Natalie Mills
Maggie Myers
Tazreena Sajjad
Savannah Soter
Tammy Stump
Evan Taylor
Aida Trissell

We wish to thank the following organizations for their support

  • American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • America's Voice Education Fund
  • Amnesty International USA
  • Arab American Institute
  • Carecen
  • CODEPINK: Women for Peace
  • Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Refugee and Immigration Ministries in the U.S. and Canada
  • Church World Service
  • Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
  • Compositions For A Cause
  • Conference of Major Superiors of Men
  • Disciples Home Missions
  • Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC)
  • Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc. (ECDC)
  • Franciscan Action Network
  • Friends Committee on national Legislation (FCNL)
  • Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ
  • HIAS
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP)
  • Iraqi Children Foundation
  • Jesuit Refugee Service/USA
  • Jewish World Watch
  • Kids In Need of Defense (KIND)
  • Latin America Working Group (LAWG)
  • Leadership Conference of Women Religious
  • Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI)
  • Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
  • National Council of Jewish Women
  • National Immigration Law Center
  • National Justice for Our Neighbors
  • Niskanen Center
  • Office of Social Justice, Christian Reformed Church in North America
  • Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  • Refugees International
  • RefugePoint
  • Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign
  • Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
  • Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
  • Soccer Without Borders
  • Sojourners
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • STAND: The Student-led Movement to End Mass Atrocities
  • Syrian American Medical Foundation Society (SAMS)
  • Syrian Community Network
  • The Episcopal Church
  • Union for Reform Judaism
  • Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
  • United Church of Christ
  • United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries
  • U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
  • Week of Compassion
  • Women's Refugee Commission
  • World Relief



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